To make us known

You are warmly invited to circulate T&P information with its assistance and funding capabilities around your colleagues: each time a subsidy is granted, let’s take together the opportunity to make T&P widely known. Do not hesitate to contact us, to request our T&P logo to be used on relevant documents or web screens. Create a link towards our website and/or our Identity Card.


Support T&P initiatives by becoming a member
You will be asked to pay a minimum annual membership fee of 25 euros per year. You will help us fund new projects and you will be able to vote in the annual General Meeting. You will also be eligible for the Board of directors and be able to become involved in the day to day activities of the association.

Help T&P grow by representing the association
By representing the association in your division, or in your subsidiary if you work abroad, you will help the association extend its reach.

Support T&P by volunteering your time
You can take part in T&P’s various actions or we can help you find a partner charity organization that is in need of volunteers (eg. help look for families to care for children in need, look for volunteers that can work on a hotline for distressed persons, take part in after school activities, and generally speaking, help support economic development projects)

T&P can support your humanitarian projects
If you are already involved in a charity organization, whether you are a member of T&P or not, whether you are based in Paris, elsewhere in France or abroad…T&P may be able to help you fund your projects.

Documents to download: