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T&P (in French Talents & Partage i.e. Talents & Sharing) is the charity association of Société Générale employees and retirees.

Our objectives

T&P aims to organize, carry out and support the humanitarian aid initiatives of SG employees and retired personnel as well as the charity projects of their spouses and children.

Our organization

T&P was founded in 1994 by a group of employees and retirees of Société Générale. It is an independent association that abides by the French July 1901 legal framework for associations. At its annual General Meeting, T&P elects board members for a two-year period. The Board has a total of 21 members. It appoints 7 of its members to the Executive Committee.

Our focus

T&P primarily supports the following causes:
- combating childhood poverty
- supporting the elderly in need
- providing support for disabled individuals
- professional insertion efforts

Our financial resources

T&P benefits from the financial support of its members (membership fee as well as donations) and from annual subsidies of Société Générale, in accordance with the agreements that were signed between the bank and T&P in 2003.