MEMBERS OF THE BOARD (general election for a three-year renewable mandate)

  Francis BARRIER
   Pierre-Jean BAUMONT


Serge Blanc was born in 1950, and currently works in the Payment services Department. He has worked in national bank branches, central services (electronic banking, market, BFM, CEO Office...), and in a subsidiary SA Cyber Comm. He is a member of the savers committee of the French Security and Exchange Commission (AMF, Autorité des marchés financiers) since 2010, and is an active participant in a variety of associations - many of which are charities.

He says : "The Charity Talents & Partage allows employees and retirees to add compassion to a financial world wherein heart is scarcely found. Each proposal granted reminds us that money should serve humankind, and not vice versa. For each Euro given, countless smiles bloom".

   André GEBUS
  August GRUBER

I spent all the years of my professional actitivity in the SG Group, In Strasburg, in Austria, my home country, In Luxemburg and more than ten years in the Head Office of Société Générale Private Banking in Paris.
Talents & Partage several times helped  "les Amis de Kantchari", a charity organization we created with a group of friends to build a secondary school, a library and primary schools in Kantchari in Burkina Faso.
Now, retired, I would, on my turn, help Talents & Partage and make this charity organization of the employees of our Group better known in France and in the world and so increase the number of humanitarian projects intiated by the employees of the Group and an the number of memberships.

  Marie-Madeleine JOUAN
  Gérard LAUR

Joined SG in 1970. Various positions in the French network (branch management) , in New York, at the Corporate Department of the headoffice ,at the leasing and consumer finance Division , with SGIB ( CORI) and finally as deputy chief executive of ALD Automotive.

Being involved in several humanitarian activities (France and Rwanda), it seemed to me obvious to become member of T & P more than ten tears ago in order to help to promote similar activities in our Group.

  Michel LAVIALE

  Bernard LOISON

  Jean-Pierre SARRAZIN

Jean-Pierre SARRAZIN  worked in SOCGEN group during 37 years ; he was particularily involved in the following sectors :

- various assignments and responsibilities in the French and foreign network : 5 years

- capital markets activities (,in particular supervision of foreign financial capital markets network ) : 18 years

- creation, management, supervision of SG network in central eastern Europe : 13 years

Present position : directeur honoraire SG group, professor in » centre de formation bancaire » in Paris.

  Yvon SAVI

In 1992-1993, we were several colleagues in SG Paris to think that joining our works in favor of charity actions could be added together within our bank to optimize our efforts, to collect funds and free time, and to share the living talents around us in our offices : “Talents and Sharing” was born the following year in 1994.
I found and still find, in my positions in SG in Paris or abroad, some fantastic friendships with very different people, various ages and jobs, to mix together our expertise to help our colleagues’ humanitarian projects which need funding or other kind of assistance. Month after month, I notice the results of our modest and patient dialogue to service our solidarity objectives : joint efforts within T&P makes us stronger to bring concrete resource to poors,  both poor in equipment (construction, health or education facilities and goods), poor in loneliness or handicap, as well as poor in literacy.
May I expect you to feel like knowing more, or joining us ?

   Philippe WEILL